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District Staff & Auxiliary Presidents

Kerry Willis 2021 captain steering wheel.jpg

Kerry Willis

District Superintendent

Mark Justice.jpg

Mark Justice

Assistant to the Superintendent

Byron Hannon.jpg

Byron Hannon

Assistant to the Superintendent

Paul Thornhill.png

Paul Thornhill

District Secretary

Linette Thomas_edited.jpg

Linette Thomas

District Accountant & Treasurer

Melanie Cook_edited.png

Melanie Cook

District Office Manager, Administrator

Danielle Cook_edited_edited.jpg

Danielle Cook

District Office Administrative Assistant

Bill Foss.jpg

Bill Foss

NDI President


Debbie Andrews

NMI President

JJ Wyzinski NYI President_edited.jpg

JJ Wyzinski

NYI President

BW Hambrick.jpg

BW Hambrick

Consultant to the District

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